Based out of LA and an Icon Collective alumni, Lockbox wishes to push the boundaries of what music can achieve, and more importantly, where music can take you.

Playing the piano and violin since the age of 12, Lockbox is determined to bring feeling, emotional narrative, and a fresh perspective into modern day Electronic Dance Music. Through his timeless melodies, detailed orchestration, euphoric drops, lush atmospheres, and beautiful vocal storylines, Lockbox formulates an immersive audio visual experience that blends the line between fantasy and reality.

Lockbox represents a virtual space where he can be himself and pour all his heart into. For him, music offers an emotional escape, and he wishes that through his music, it can be a beautiful refuge for the listener as well. Each song and virtual world inside Lockbox is a manifestation of who he is and what he feels - a part of him. All are welcome here, we hope you enjoy your stay.